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Experienced garage door technicians ready to assist home and business owners with any type of garage door need like installation, repair and maintenance.Here we offer you some expert tips in order to help you deal with common problems regarding garage door security and your personal safety.

Where to position the garage door

Before you finally decide to install your new garage door, it is important to first determine where it must be placed. Make sure that you don’t put it in an area where the vehicle won’t find it easy to enter. When your lot is quite small, you should know what kind of door is appropriate.

Bring the remote control with you

Don’t just leave the garage door remote control anywhere. If the button is accidentally pressed, the door will open. It will then lead to potential robbery. Thus, Paradise Valley experts highly recommend you to bring the remote control anywhere you go. If possible, place it in a secure container so it won’t be accidentally touched.

Garage door cylinder locks

These are not very secure and you should not rely on them. Moreover the fact that potential intruders know this also means that cylinder locks are not a visual deterrent. Use a strong modern electronic control with an alarm system instead. It can warn you when the door is being tampered with. Check the system regularly.

Always be aware of what you are doing

Even if you are in a hurry or have forgotten something inside, never run under a garage door. You may not be aware of potential dangers and the door could unexpectedly fall down. It also is not a good idea for children to see you take such chances with your safety.

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